The “Essence” of the Discovery District


We asked—How do you define the Discovery District? And you answered!

We received more than one hundred definitions of the Discovery District using 90 unique nouns and adjectives. Then, along with guidance from the Steering Committee, the planning team categorized and refined these words into six definitions—forming the “Essence” of the Discovery District.

The six themes are depicted in a circle, because none are more important than any other.

The “Essence” of the Discovery District…

  • A place for knowledge;
  • A place for creativity;
  • A place for discovery;
  • A place for transformation;
  • A place for everyone; and,
  • A place where historic meets contemporary.

The purpose of defining the “Essence” of the Discovery District is:

  • To define the Discovery District in succinct messages—to tell a compelling, consistent story;
  • To utilize “Essence” phrases and adjectives in outreach and fund raising for the DSID as they work to implement the plan including:
    • Grant writing,
    • Private funders,
    • Future planning efforts,
    • RFPs for project phases; and,
  • To allow the “Essence” phrases and adjectives to act as parameters in creative briefs when soliciting artists’ proposals for implementation.

Check out the latest presentation to see how the “Essence” of the Discovery District is shaping the concepts for placemaking in the neighborhood!