Review the Draft Plan!

Review the Plan Vision and Draft

Today, at the SID Board of Trustees and Community Meeting, the Discovery SID released a draft of the Discovery District Placemaking Plan, capping a public process that continues to engage over 800 residents, leaders, employees and visitors of the Discovery District. Thank you to those of you who attended the draft plan presentation!

BIG IDEAS from The Discovery District Placemaking Plan:

  • The “Essence” of the Discovery District: Six themes that define and unite the district
  • Placemaking Framework: Four layers for placemaking that include specific opportunity sites across the district
  • The Discovery Trail: A district-wide system for placemaking including physical and interpretive trails connecting all the district’s greatest assets and institutions—with ideas for more
  • “Escaping Elements”: A theme for implementing the Discovery Trail that captures the “Essence” of the district, provides creative parameters for placemaking projects and events, and connects the district by highlighting its best known attractions

Click Here to Review the Draft Plan

The planning team will collect comments and feedback on the draft plan for the next two weeks, until Friday, June 2nd. Then, the plan will be refined into a final plan for adoption by the Discovery SID Board of Trustees.

Please contact Cass Freeland at with your comments on the draft.